Zoolander 2 Trailer-Cameos Benedict Cumberbatch and Justin Bieber

zoolander 2 trailer
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Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back as Derek and Hansel in Paramount Pictures Zoolander 2, and are as fabulously funny as ever. But what the internet is really excited about are all the celebrity appearances in the glamorous sequel of high fashion and intrigue.

The star studded cast includes Penélope CruzBenedict Cumberbatch, Kristen Wiig,  Will Farrell, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Usher and Demi Lovato just to name a few.

beiber Zoolander 2 Trailer

Of course there is also the hilarious factor that a good many people would pay good money to see: Justine Bieber getting killed on screen. The rap singer actually seems to be making a comeback, and what better way to do that than to make fun of yourself.

 Justin Bieber in Zoolander                                               Image Source: Paramount Pictures


Penélope Cruz plays an agent from from Interpole asking for help from the super model pair to which Owen Wilson’s character Hansel responds, “She’s hot. I trust her.”

Benedict Cumberbatch in Zoolander 2 Image Source: usmagazine.com

One of the best OMG moments in the Zoolander 2 trailer has to be the appearance of the iconic symbol of debonair, suave and very british gentility, Benedict Cumberbatch as the androgynous super model “All”.

Sherlock fangirls are all sort of confused right now, but we think he looks phenomenal, if that’s what you mean by “beyond your wildest dreams.” We’ll watch Benedict as Hamlet, as a dragon or even a drag queen-whatever!


In the trailer we see a lot of clever references to the modern and often made fun of 2015 culture of selfies, selfie sticks and duck face.

Zoolander 2 hits theaters in February 2016. Watch the trailer here:

Zoolander 2 trailer source: Paramount Pictures

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