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What You Don’t Know About Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Casting May Surprise You

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You may not get to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on television until December 8, but the models are on the runway tonight shooting the show. The models are radiant, and it may very well seem to all of us that they just dropped out of heaven, in fact, that’s why they are called “Angels”. But what we don’t see is all the hard work and emotional investment the Victoria Secret models – and the casting directors put into putting on a show of this calibre. Hundreds of beautiful hopefuls from around the world submit and audition, but only 45 of them will make it.  Two of the casting directors tell us about how hard the decision is, and how emotional it can be in the casting room: “There were several that were fighting back tears or literally crying here today because it’s such a build up and they’ve been working for it and wanting it so badly.” “I know how hard they’ve worked for it, but hardly any of them will make it, and a lot of them deserve to make it.” Lisa Benson of IMG Models explains, “You have to just encourage them that, you know, that this is just not their time, but that doesn’t mean no forever, and to keep your hopes up and keep working forward.”

Watch the video below for an inside look of the 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show casting.

Video: Victoria Secret

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