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She Used To Cry While Applying Makeup-Her Amazing Story

Her struggle has been an inspiration to millions.

Tetraplegic and You Tube star Jordan Bone shares her story after so many viewers had asked her what is wrong with her hands. She decided to show her fans exactly the struggle she goes through every day just to put on her make up. After a car accident ten years ago put her in a wheel chair, she no longer has use of her hands. She cannot move them, open them or close them and she tells us how emotionally painful it was for her when she would drop her mascara on her face and clothes, ending each beauty session in tears.

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For years she was depressed. Her arms were weak, and she didn’t know how she could function with what seemed to be useless hands.

She lost so much, and didn’t want to loose her identity, too.

She wanted the world to see her, not just the chair.


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She goes on to say that she cannot do her own hair or dress herself, so to be able to do her own makeup is her own thing.

She says that it was so hard, but the perseverance was worth it in the end. “It’s insane how much we grow with the challenges we face”

Each day she learned more, and came up with new ways to apply her makeup like using her mouth to grip hold of brushes and eyeliner.

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Jordan tells us that what prompted her to make this video was because of some of the comments people would make on her makeup tutorial videos about her hands.

She says, “People on social media sometimes say things without thinking. And sometimes it hurts. So next time you ask someone a sensitive question, or leave a negative comment, just think. Think about how it may affect their day. Always spread positivity and be kind. Life is far too short to waste it with negativity.”

“No matter what hardship you are going through, know that even in the darkest times, there will always be a light shining brighter. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but know that each day is worth living. Know that you are worth so much. Know that you are amazing.”

Well, we think Jordan is pretty amazing. Many people with perfect use of their hands cannot achieve beautiful results with their makeup like Jordan. It is a lesson for all of us to count our blessings, and that by putting your mind to something and persevering, you can do anything.

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She is a beautiful person inside and out. Watch the inspirational video here:


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