Christmas Hairstyles That Are Anything But Boring

Be the life of the party with your non-boring hairstyle that’s a great conversation starter this holiday season. These Christmas dos are not only unique but will make you feel like the gift everyone wants under thier tree. Some are simply gorgeous, and classy, and others are fun and whimsical.

This simple crown of flowers is just the right amount of festive without going over the top. You will be deemed the queen of the Christmas fairies, so don’t be surprised if men want to sit at your feet and feed you figs. You are a mystery. You are magical.



The Ghost of Christmas Present aint got nuthin on you with this gorgeous  wreath crown halo braid:

Bring out the child in you, or just borrow someone’s small human to try out this Christmas tree flip over pull through braid:


What’s Christmas without lights? Colored lights are festive and fun. This is done with a crossed hawser braid. The tutorial can be found at princesspiggies blog



A more adult version from Good Housekeeping, this look let’s you accessorize with lights and stay classy. This is also perfect for New Years Eve.




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