5 Easy Hair Styles You Can Do In a Snap

We all want to look good. The problem is the time it takes to get out the door without looking like a sac of potatoes. For those of us with busy schedules, there are still a few ways to achieve hot looks without much effort.

# 5. A Twist on the Pony


This sleek look is both elegant and functional


#4. Add Some Bling


In a pinch, a quick accessory can be thrown on to glamorize any length hair  source


#3. The Messy Side Braid


This is both shabby and chic and tells the world “I’m sexy, but I don’t have to prove it.” /source


#2. This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Bun


You’ve gotta love this tutorial from alldaychic

It works best on curly hair, but it’s also perfect for the day after a party


#1. The Headband Tuck


This can be glamorous or casual depending how you dress it up.

Here’s a tutorial

Picture source

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